That’s Where You Want to Go…

Applying for jobs out here is a whole other animal. My husband went to one place but they weren’t hiring. So that guy sent him to another place where he thought they might be looking for help, but when we checked there they weren’t hiring either. Then that guy sent him to check out another place.
And the fun thing is that no one gives street names with their directions. Our last instructions were:
Guy: “You go past the courthouse and turn and go over the bridge, then go past the bowling alley. You know where the bowling alley is?”
Mark: “I know where A bowling alley is.”
Guy: “That’s THE bowling alley. So you go past that and then you’ll see the new storage place on the right. You’ll see the guy’s shop with two big bay doors. That guy does the same shit you do. That’s where you want to go.”
Funny thing is, those directions were spot on.


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