(knock knock) It’s me…Jane

So here I am. I used to write in a blog but haven’t touched it in over two years. 2012 was a life changing year for me. After struggling with trying to get out of an abusive marriage, I finally decided that my happiness and sanity were more important than worrying what everyone would think of me. I put my big girl panties on and walked away. (Okay it was more like I ran)…

Since then I’ve gone back to school (can one consider it “going back” if they only made it through less than half of a semester when they were 20 years old?) and even though I’ve wavered on my major over the last three semesters, I’ve finally realized that I need to do this for myself. I can’t worry about what other people will think of what I’ve chosen to do. I can’t let the mean voices in my head tell me that everyone will think I’m not smart enough if I want to “just” get a Liberal Arts degree. It will make me happy and that is enough. (Is it weird that I just heard James Cromwell’s voice in my head saying, “That’ll do pig…that’ll do.”)? I promise I’m not crazy…there’s just a lot of internal conversation going on up there. I also just this year married the love of my life, after a 27 year hiatus (called life) from when we dated as teenagers. I’m not going to go into a whole recap of the last two years and how I’ve ended up where I am now. Those who are close to me know. For those who aren’t close to me (hi strangers who are reading my blog!), it will just add an air of mystery. Make up your own story.

I wanted to start writing again but decided not to continue my old blog. It just felt right to start fresh. I read through a lot of stuff on my old blog and it was like watching that dark part of my life happen all over again. I was posting happy thoughts while struggling privately, hoping people wouldn’t find out. Life is so much better now and I think it deserves a new page (both figuratively and literally).

Right now things are a little crazy between full time work, college classes, and a photography workshop I’ve gotten involved in. But what’s one more thing to add to my plate, right? I’d love to be noble and say that I’m going to declare some kind of self-imposed 30 day blogging marathon to hold myself accountable. But who am I kidding? Probably won’t happen. I’ve thought about doing the same thing with photography, trying to post one picture each day. But yeah… I’m hoping to just be able to put my random thoughts down here on a semi-regular basis. Just a warning: I have a lot of random thoughts.

Welcome to my life.